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I understand you’re hesitant about investing your hard earned time and money for dating advice, but what motivates me are the past wins my clients have reached in dating and the future clients that will get to enjoy this success.  I’ve provided simple to follow dating advice for over 8 years and cater to a variety of professionals ranging in age group, profession, and other backgrounds.

This will be a teamwork approach, I’m eager to learn more about you and your current dating life.  All I need is from you is hope and effort and I’ll take care of the rest.

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Old Town Road: How Music and Dating Vibe

Without a doubt, music comes with some kind of energy and we all can agree on the power it holds. One way or another music has different effects on us, it can brighten our mood or even bring back warm or dark memories. Since being compatible is key to a successful...

Use These 5 Dating Tips Now

When it comes to the matters of the heart, it's important to realize that we are not attracted to the people we're interested in just because of their looks, educational level, financial stability and other socio-economic parameters. A lot of other subtle and salient...

The Great Dating Depression

To question the undebatable fact that technology has made life easier and comfortable for us humans will be unwise. Yet, while technology is invaluable to human development and civilization, it has made a mess of some processes that were once beautiful when done...

Racism in Modern Dating

Inclusive Exclusivity   History tells us that the ban on Marijuana in 1937 was as a result of the culminated efforts of a narcotics commissioner, who argued that Marijuana smoking by white women makes them want to seek sexual relations with Black men. Smart move...

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